Tuesday, August 7, 2007

House and the Penis Shoes

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out last weekend. Sure, I read it in 18 hours throughout the night and into the day, but I felt it deserved a 2nd read less than a week later. House gave me that opportunity because I was there for like 12 hours and used for maybe 10 minutes. I would have been used more, but I was supposed to be an administrative assistant and I did not have a suit yet to wear. They made me a kiosk person and hid me off camera the one time they felt I was appropriate for the scene. Cause a pink blur looks sooooo much different than a blue or grey one. Oh well, there was a lot of down time for everyone. One lady in particular was an aspiring inventor and with the help of another extra, they decided to design a shoe that could be both a heel and a flat. You see....the heel part would spring out from the bottom and there would be a compartment in the shoe for when you wanted them to be flats. They called it Cocoon and even designed the label. Amazing idea, no? Oh wait...you mean that these people have no clue about shoes or the differences in pressure points and arches in shoes? So this shoe would be inplausible? Huh..if only someone had the heart to tell them. Don't worry, I found them to be highly unmotivated and knew they would forget about this scheme long before I ever would. In fact I began to mock it by designing my own shoe using their concept except making it erotic, since the only way this shoe would work would be as art in a museum. I called it a penis shoe. You can use your imagination. I hate to say it, but they really shouldn't quit their day jobs.