Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chuck and My Dream Man

A three day call as a shopper on Chuck - proof that there is a God. These three days may be the best three days I have ever had on set. This was my first time working on the show and my first opportunity to talk to Zac Levi who I met previously in March 2007 when Alex was in town. He got me hooked to Guitar Hero and I also visited him filming the pilot of Chuck at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel Downtown. I remember him running through the fountains and proclaiming that he loved his job. Now I got to see him in action once again and get paid for it. I didn't have the balls to approach him on the first day and regretted it. I would not wuss out on the 2nd day. I just had to do it! That first day, he was so adorable. I was busy texting my friends how adorable he was acting. He would break out into song singing "Jump on it" and "All you need is Love". He was always entertaining and I felt like the crew loved it. There was such a light happy atmosphere on set. The 2nd 2nd named Spoon who set us background players also gave me quite the amazing nickname, or should I say nicksong? Whenever he needed me he'd sing "Mary Mary why you buggin?" I loved Spoon. The next day I wrote my own rap song for him called "Spoon Spoon where is the restroom. I gotta knowz where it is cause I gotta take a whiz". I know you're all dying to know what I said to Zac when I finally approached him. My heart was beating so fast I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest. He was standing at the nerd herd desk, finally alone for once, doing the crossword puzzle. (side note: one of my criteria for my perfect man is that he does the morning crossword....heart beating faster). I went up and introduced myself and said I was a friend of Ann and Jeremy's and that I met him last St. Patrick's Day and how he got me addicted to Guitar Hero and how I visited him on the set of Chuck and how I knew Ann, etc. I repeat these facts every time I see him and he still never really remembers me. Maybe he would if my boobs were bigger. He says he remembers me though and is acting all too cool for school for the first time ever on set. I like to think he was trying to impress me with his coolness. Then somebody came up to me and he told me he'd see me later. Yay! It's a good thing I talked to him then because he was done for the day and left like 5 minutes later and was not back the next day. Luck was on my side.

The day only got better because there was this NFL player on set, Michael Strahan. Big whoop, I know, except that since he was there, all these guys from EA games were there also. And they brought an X-BOX 360 with them...and Rock Band and Madden NFL 2008. I ended up getting overtime for playing video games for the rest of the day. I was the only one playing them for some reason and befriended some of the video game peeps. They were impressed with my NFL knowledge and one of them offered me a job as a tester because I don't think there are many avid female video gamers. I didn't take it seriously though. One of the guys gave me a card and said he'd send me Madden 09 early, but only if I got a better system than a PS2. I ended up emailing him, but never heard back. Besides the EA Sports guys, I played some video games with the stand ins and also this extra named Jesse Heiman. Jesse is probably the most famous of all extras. I guarantee that you have seen him. Here is a picture of Jesse. He is like 30 years old and is one of the mos funny looking people I've ever seen. The last time I was on Chuck, Jesse was telling people that we had to move holding and one extra told him he was a wealth of information. He replied, "I know a lot about a lot of things.....except sex." Classic.
Also on set, I met C.J. for the first time. He is a part time comic book editor and we talked briefly about X-Men and how amazing Wolverine is. He wasn't there on the 3rd day however. I'm not sure why I was there on the 3rd day either. I was never used and basically got paid to play video games for 4 hours. By far the sweetest gig I have ever had and am positive that nothing can ever top this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Behavior and the Dead Snake

I worked this pilot called Good Behavior last Thursday and Friday and then on Wednesday up in Valencia. It was quite a nuisance because I was planning on going to Berkeley to visit Kate on Friday morning, but instead I got recalled for Friday and didn't wrap Friday until like 2 am. I woke up on Saturday at around 5 am to head out. Yeah...I'm crazy. We were filming a funeral in the desert and we were supposed to be kind of white trash and from the wrong sides of the track. I have no idea how I managed to be booked on this. I didn't exactly fit in. There was a really funny girl on set though who dated Buddha from I Love New York. On Thursday she went over to a cooler to get some water, and inside there was a dead snake. Apparently one of the crew guys wanted to keep it or something so they stuck it in a cooler out of the way. It got run over by one of the trucks that morning. I'm just glad it wasn't a rattle snake. We had a snake wrangler on set for that reason. Needless to say, I was terrified the whole day, watching my every step. On Wednesday we got "drunk" at a memorial in the main house. Catherine O'Hara asked me if I was having fun. I told her that I wished every party I went to had watered down fake beer. She laughed. I made Catherine O'Hara laugh. Boo yah.