Monday, October 27, 2008

Without a Trace and the Stalking of Lee Pace

I was working Without a Trace once again, but today instead of staying cooped up inside during my walk-away lunch, I decided to take a stroll through the Warner Bros. Backlot. I have a path that I take to get to the gift shop where I have been known to waste many a paycheck on discounted DVDs or Anamaniacs cels. I pass by the set of Chuck hoping to see Zachary Levi and pray for the slightest chance that he will remember me for once and ask me how I've been, and then I walk up past the Pushing Daisies set hoping to see Lee Pace. If I ever did see Lee Pace, I had sworn to my friend Kate that I would not only get his picture, but also give him her phone number. She believes they are destined to be together from their laid-back nature to their love of board game nights. She even cries whenever she sees him on TV because she thinks he is such an amazing artist. Pathetic, I know, but completely understandable. He is adorable. And would you believe who I saw while passing by? Kristin Chenoweth and her tiny dog......and Lee Pace in his cute little Pie Maker apron. I stayed calm and kept walking as I reached for my cell phone and scrambled to dial Kate. She didn't answer at first so I had to call my mom in order to release my couped up energy and excitement from seeing him. Kate dialed in while I was talking to her after listening to my message. She was going mental. She was insistent that I go up and talk to him and hand him the phone so she could as well. I did not have the balls for that insane feat..not everyone can go up and talk to celebrities with such ease as Miss Kate Gorman. In fact many of us have something called nerves that intensify into a strangle-hold when we come into proximity of something or someone too amazing for one person to handle alone. We decided that I had to at least take his picture. Terrified of bringing any attention to myself, I decided that I had to take a picture while pretending to talk on my phone. Not an easy task to do with a cell phone camera. The timing had to be perfect and the zoom prepared before passing. I walked by him 3 times in order to get this pic. I would have done 2 more laps, but how inconspicuous can I be if I'm parading by him constantly on my phone. I thought 3 times was pushing it. You can kind of see his left profile. Not an amazing picture, but still, he is there, and it made Kate's day. Now that the show is cancelled, I no longer have the opportunity to stalk him, and am very thankful for this one chance.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bones and the Fire

My 2 day stint on Bones was not exciting, except for supplying my nerdiness with the chance to see Freaks and Geeks star John Francis Daley who looks just as he did when he was 14, except taller. What was exciting was my drive home at 1 am on the 405 freeway. I got to witness my first brush fire up close and personal. The 405 south was just closing and the north was soon to follow. The fire had just started. It was crazy because while I was driving I could see that the sky looked a bit redder than usual, and then I started smelling smoke and my car became a sauna before humongous flames 25 feet high or more suddenly appeared on the hills right by the Getty Center. It was beautiful. My inner pyromaniac was in awe, until I realized I was afraid of fire and quickly drove by terrified that some flying embers might catch my car on fire. I made it back safely, but not unscathed because the smoke had irritated my sensitive throat and I became hoarse for a few days. Well worth the pictures though, and I shall never forget the intensity behind one of nature's most beautiful disasters.