Monday, December 15, 2008

Bones and the Flood

I went to work on Bones over at 20th Century Fox today. The set flooded so they sent some of us home with a full day's pay. Thank God I was in jeans and they could not use me as a lab rat. My friend Becky was not as lucky. She was there for 8 hours and they used her for maybe 5 minutes. It was really unfortunate because she was hoping to to her orientation thing at Pink Taco. I went to the 20th Century store and spent my paycheck on House t-shirts. One of them says "It's Not Lupus". I didn't know if it was appropriate for my to purchase this shirt since my brother died of Lupus. I said this to my cousin on the phone and the cashier overheard. I caught him in his eavesdropping and the look on his face was priceless. He looked so embarassed and yet he felt sorry for me and freaked out all in one. He didn't mention anything when I checked out...but he couldn't really give me eye contact either. I ended up getting the shirt of course...and another one that is brown...I really have problems.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brothers and Sisters and the Australian Diva

Today I was a nurse/volunteer on Brothers and Sisters. The slash is necessary cause I was initially a nurse, but looked young so this one dancer girl and I were volunteers instead. I wore my white Adidas shoes which really hurt my feet. I bought them in 2003 and they look as good as new, so I figured they'd be good nurse's shoes. Not worth the pain come shoes always feel fine in the store and RIGHT when you leave, they hurt your feet? The other volunteer left in the middle of the day to go audition to be a hip hop dancer for an Ed Hardy Holiday party. It was strange. I also learned from an extra that the school system in New Jersey is abysmal and her 23 year-old nephew still does not know how to read. He ended up stealing a couple cars and wound up in jail. It was a sad story cause I guess her sister is a train wreck and the kids really wanted to live with her but couldn't. Looks like Bush's No Child Left Behind Act was in full swing these past 8 years.

I'm a big fan of Six Feet Under so was excited to see Rachel Griffiths, but apparently she is a huge diva. I think it may be an Australian thing cause Poppy on Without a Trace is also very difficult and you can't walk in her eye line. (This seems so funny ever since Christian Bale's explosion on set). Rachel also used to do these breathing exercises before each take that would take forever and drive the crew insane, but she's settled down some this season. A lot of the actors were sick so she was on heavy drugs too that made her completely out of it. I wonder if she was seemed like it.

The coolest part of the day was walking around on the Disney lot during lunch and seeing them film a special effects scene for Lost. It was part of the plane against a green screen and bits of it was on fire. Very neat. Maybe I should get into special effects. It seemed so fun.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

CSI: NY and the Man Who Can't Be My Husband

Today was a pretty funny day because I was paired up with this guy Gabriel and we were supposed to be a couple at a restaurant and we'd get up from the table to reveal Gary Sinise. (I was featured for those who caught the episode). Gabriel put my coat on me and kissed my cheek and was all debonair. We could hear the director laughing and apparently there was a discussion going on about how Gabriel and I must not have been married because he was being too sweet and chivalrous. He was mighty charming if I do say so myself. Though, he was also bitter for not having a girlfriend...apparently he finds himself to be quite the catch but thinks girl judge him for his shorter stature. There were also a lot of half naked girls as part of a sex ring. I always wondered what type of girl was okay with that role....not one of them spoke English as their first language. Makes me think that there are a different set of principles outside of the US.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Without a Trace and the Mysterious Tablet

I had gotten into quite the routine of coming to work on Without a Trace. I had my assigned place by the wall socket to plug in my laptop that I now felt comfortable enough to bring to set. My sister has a slingbox, so I could watch TV on my laptop. Very convenient especially when prime-time shows start. However, today was not like any other day because for some reason, I decided to look in my pocket.

I had bought a new suit a few months ago because I was tired of wardrobe commenting on how the my last suit's jacket was too short or it was too light. I went to buy a nice Theory coal colored pin stripe suit at It's a Wrap which is a store that sells used wardrobe from television and movies. It's about a $600 suit that I got for $70. Not too shabby. But for some reason, I had never bothered to look in the pockets, which were mostly stitched up, until today. I felt a little bump in my right butt cheek pocket and decided to investigate. What I pulled out was a white powdery round tablet about the size of a pill. I showed it to another guy on set and he told me that it looked like ecstasy laced with heroin. ( I later looked up online that they don't lace ecstasy with heroin. ) He also guessed that the pants came from Jennifer Love Hewitt. Apparently I look the same size as her. I was flattered, sure, since she is a size 4 and makes a lot of male top ten attractive bodies lists, but I just had to remind him that I was about 4 inches taller and the pants were not hemmed at all. I was completely floored that I, Mary Howard, had been walking around with ecstasy in my pocket for months! What if I had been stopped by a cop and searched? I believed him of course because frankly, that's exactly what it looked like to me as well. The edges were too powdery to be a regular pill and why would someone have a random pill in their pocket. I also noticed from experience that it was not tylenol or any other form of advil or aspirin which is the only pill that makes sense to have on oneself.

Luckily for us, there was a reformed drug addict on set named Christian who could shine a light on the situation. After his careful analysis of sniffing and scratching at it with his fingernail before licking the debris, he told us it looked like a dry cleaned breath mint. He didn't rule out ecstasy, he just gave us a more likely substitute. I still wasn't convinced. There is only one real way to find out. Any takers?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Samantha Who and the Great Dane

Samantha Who has always been my least favorite show to work on because of the long hours, walk away lunches, and early early call times. Yet today might have been my favorite day of extra work ever. Why you ask? Because there was a Great Dane on set. His name was Bentley and everyone was going Ga-Ga over him. Yet, who did he like best on set? ME! I went up to his owner and befriended her immediately asking her questions and finding out what a great apartment dog he is (so reassuring). I got to hang out with him and pet him for 4 hours, and at the end, he gave me an endearing lick on the face. In one lap, his tongue went from chin to forehead. Onlookers grimaced and ewwwed, but I was in Heaven. I gave him a kiss on the nose, and he went on his way.

What also made this day great was the fact that I saw Charlie again. I hadn't seen him since Race to Witch Mountain. He didn't recognize me of course since he had never seen me out of costume, but after teasing him awhile, he figured it out. He told me I should work on True Blood, and he just happened to have worked in the scene that my friend Deborah worked on. He thought she was amazing, and that everyone else sucked. I had to call her and tell her. Jonathan Dillon was on set as well. I went to high school with him, and then also he transferred to USC film school when I started as well. It's always nice to see fellow Kansans, but he has to be one of the most awkward guys ever. We always end our conversations saying that we should hang out sometime, but we never do. Still, it was good to see him. Also on set I met this cool guy Dan (who looks like Mos Def) and also Rebecca (Becky) who I had met previously on The Amazing Miss Novak. We walked over to Trader Joes and McDonalds during our lunch and got food and a McFlurry. I usually don't eat during walk away lunches, but felt the need to be social. We became quite the trio, especially when we worked together again on Ghost Whisperer, but I'll get to that later.

There was a scene we did at a funeral later in the day. I was in a nice maroon sweater and dress pants and had my hair up. I feel the need to describe my appearance because of what happened during that scene. I was standing in my place as we were about to role when I heard the director shout, "What's the one who looks like one of us doing in the shot?" The 2nd Director came up to me quickly and told me to walk in to frame instead. I guess I look like a crew person. Which makes sense, I suppose since I went to film school. I just never knew that we had a "look". I glanced around the room trying to decipher what it was about me that differed from all the other extras. Besides the smile and happy disposition, I thought I fit in. Maybe it was the fact that I was young and happy and comfortable on set. Or maybe only crew people wear their hair up and extras are required to wear it down...who knows. But this is not the first time I have been confused with a crew person rather than an extra, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NCIS and the Evil Wardrobe Guy

This may have been my 5th or 6th day working on NCIS and all the days pretty much blur together with the exception of my first day in which I was given the nickname "Doctor" by a crew member who was amazed by my medical jargon because I knew that you weren't supposed to eat grapefruit while on Lipitor. (Pretty common knowledge especially if you have parents with high cholesterol.) After realizing I was smarter than the average background performer, a fellow extra decided to hold a conversation with me in which he quizzed me about the evolution of extinct species and then proceeded to answer his questions in what could only have been a one-sided conversation. I have avoided him since.

I have never really cried on set before...walking to my car, yes, but never have I lost it while I'm working... until today. NCIS has never been my favorite show to work on because I have to wear my suit all day and I'm usually the youngest by a good twenty years. Jesus...I must look 30 again. Also, since I am the youngest, I feel as though I am the target of George the Wardrobe guy's wrath. He hates my suits. I used to wear a grey one, but he always complained that the jacket was too short, so I went out and bought a new one especially for him. I wore it last time I worked, and he okayed me. Didn't say a thing. For once, I didn't have to borrow a jacket from him that is long enough to cover my ass which I'm sure must be intimidating to a gay man such as he. Sure, my new suit wasn't that long...after all I do want to appear youthful and not plumpy, but it was longer than my last and much more flattering if I do say so myself. The fact that he didn't make me change did wonders for my confidence. A confidence that he demolished when I wore that same exact outfit this beautiful Valencia day.

It was supposed to be a short day and my friend Cindy was going to be on set, but when I arrived, I was informed that there was going to be a wardrobe change. Of course, on the one day I didn't bring any back up because I hadn't had the chance to wash my dress shirts (which the Wardrobe guy hated anyway.) I was terrified, but I figured this is his job. He LOST it. He started patronizing me from the beginning telling me how unprofessional I was, and he asked if I wanted to go home. I told him no. Then he proceeded to tell me that my suit jacket was too short and starting sighing with frustration because I was actually going to make him work. He told me, "You always do this." I said, "No, this is my first time." "No, you always come unprepared. What did I give you last time to wear?" That is when I got offended..."Um. This is exactly what I wore last time, and you okayed it so I thought it would be fine today." "That is not what you wore last time." "Yes, yes it is." He then handed me off to his assistant proclaiming in a huff, "Here, you deal with her. I can't handle this anymore." I was hurt. Never have I been so insulted. His assistant was very nice however. He let me wear what I had on for one change and gave me a jacket and a blouse for the other. I told him that he never liked what I brought, so why bring anything. His assistant was very sympathetic, but that didn't help the waterworks that came when I left the trailer. I ran to crafty for some food with Cindy in tow trying to brighten my day. Useless. I wanted to get out of there, and finally 3 hours later, I did, hoping to never return.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Without a Trace and the Stalking of Lee Pace

I was working Without a Trace once again, but today instead of staying cooped up inside during my walk-away lunch, I decided to take a stroll through the Warner Bros. Backlot. I have a path that I take to get to the gift shop where I have been known to waste many a paycheck on discounted DVDs or Anamaniacs cels. I pass by the set of Chuck hoping to see Zachary Levi and pray for the slightest chance that he will remember me for once and ask me how I've been, and then I walk up past the Pushing Daisies set hoping to see Lee Pace. If I ever did see Lee Pace, I had sworn to my friend Kate that I would not only get his picture, but also give him her phone number. She believes they are destined to be together from their laid-back nature to their love of board game nights. She even cries whenever she sees him on TV because she thinks he is such an amazing artist. Pathetic, I know, but completely understandable. He is adorable. And would you believe who I saw while passing by? Kristin Chenoweth and her tiny dog......and Lee Pace in his cute little Pie Maker apron. I stayed calm and kept walking as I reached for my cell phone and scrambled to dial Kate. She didn't answer at first so I had to call my mom in order to release my couped up energy and excitement from seeing him. Kate dialed in while I was talking to her after listening to my message. She was going mental. She was insistent that I go up and talk to him and hand him the phone so she could as well. I did not have the balls for that insane feat..not everyone can go up and talk to celebrities with such ease as Miss Kate Gorman. In fact many of us have something called nerves that intensify into a strangle-hold when we come into proximity of something or someone too amazing for one person to handle alone. We decided that I had to at least take his picture. Terrified of bringing any attention to myself, I decided that I had to take a picture while pretending to talk on my phone. Not an easy task to do with a cell phone camera. The timing had to be perfect and the zoom prepared before passing. I walked by him 3 times in order to get this pic. I would have done 2 more laps, but how inconspicuous can I be if I'm parading by him constantly on my phone. I thought 3 times was pushing it. You can kind of see his left profile. Not an amazing picture, but still, he is there, and it made Kate's day. Now that the show is cancelled, I no longer have the opportunity to stalk him, and am very thankful for this one chance.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bones and the Fire

My 2 day stint on Bones was not exciting, except for supplying my nerdiness with the chance to see Freaks and Geeks star John Francis Daley who looks just as he did when he was 14, except taller. What was exciting was my drive home at 1 am on the 405 freeway. I got to witness my first brush fire up close and personal. The 405 south was just closing and the north was soon to follow. The fire had just started. It was crazy because while I was driving I could see that the sky looked a bit redder than usual, and then I started smelling smoke and my car became a sauna before humongous flames 25 feet high or more suddenly appeared on the hills right by the Getty Center. It was beautiful. My inner pyromaniac was in awe, until I realized I was afraid of fire and quickly drove by terrified that some flying embers might catch my car on fire. I made it back safely, but not unscathed because the smoke had irritated my sensitive throat and I became hoarse for a few days. Well worth the pictures though, and I shall never forget the intensity behind one of nature's most beautiful disasters.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes and Another Piece of Trash

This was my 2nd time working Heroes in what seemed like over a year. I could not wait to see what Heroes star was going to be on set that day. There was no way I could have predicted the amazingness that followed. SYLAR (Zachary Quinto) was on set! He is pretty much the best thing about the show...especially as of late. I played an office worker in a scene where a woman who has the special power to tell if you're lying gets killed by Sylar. I didn't see any of that happening. In fact I was used for only 20 minutes tops even though I was there for 8 hours. I didn't care because the food was amazing. I mean...I'd gladly stay put anywhere if they feed me banana pudding with strawberries and chocolate chip cookies inside.

I love getting my hair and makeup done for a shoot. It makes me feel mighty special and significant, but this was not normal set where extras are separate from the guest stars and cast. Maybe it was because of the small call of only 10 background performers or something, but Zachary Quinto was getting his makeup and hair done right next to me. And that is when it happened. He leaned over to throw his empty bowl that once contained oatmeal away, and he missed and it ricocheted near my shoe. He said "sorry" and picked it back up to throw it away. I must be a trash magnet. First House and now Sylar. Do I care? Of course not! Whatever it takes for them to talk to me, even if it is "sorry."

Sylar also had his dog on set which was pretty cute. I guess a lot of cast members bring their pets with them which is pretty amazing. I need to find a job on a set like this for when I finally get my Great Dane...which at the rate I'm going might be in 30 years.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Without a Trace - I am an FBI Agent

September 15th and 16th was the beginning of what has been quite the little run so far as a regular FBI Agent on Without a Trace. Going to work on this show began to feel like a regular job for me eventually. Same people, same faces, same crosses. But again, there is nothing like your first time.

I met a friend on set named Aileen. She was a newbie like me, and I haven't seen her since, so I guess she didn't get a regular stint like I did. We hit it off straight away and probably breathed a little life into the dull routine of Without a Trace. People instantly took notice. At one point we started speaking French on set...only the curse words of course. "Tu es un sac de merde!" and so on. Moments later, the director Jonathan, who looks a little bit like Santa Claus except shorter and much crankier, says something in "can we hurry up merci beaucoup". He was eavesdropping. It was hilarious. This man seemed to hate life and everyone on set, and yet he was entertained by us enough to join in on our French fun. Later in the day one of the extras asked the 2nd 2nd if she should point to the photo in the scene as if to talk about it. He answered yes. I was far back closer to Jonathan and heard him say, "We should fire her. Does she seriously think she wants to be an actress? Who asks that question? Idiot!" (it was something to that effect...I may have paraphrased.) Needless to say he was an insulting jerk and I found him to be hilarious because he was blunt and honest and highly entertaining.

The next day I returned, but there was no Aileen...she was replaced with another token Asian girl, Cindy. Cindy and I became friends because again...we were the only non-regulars and therefore we bonded. We ended up working together almost everyday for the next few weeks. Very random, but it's always nice to have a buddy to do the crossword puzzle with.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

House and the Evacuation

Oh to work House again, but for shame, there was no Dr. House again, but I'll settle for Cuddy. It was a pretty uneventful day that required all of us running out of the hospital because there was a guy with a gun (Zeljko Ivanek) holding people hostage. Cuddy was screaming to get everyone out. We did about 10 takes of this from a few angles and about 3 seconds of one shot was used, and I wasn't in it. C'est la vie. I did learn some pretty interesting stuff though in holding. While walking by a group of guys in scrubs I heard that "Guys date girls who are half their age plus seven". It was genius! That means I need to be dating a guy who is 28! Which is the exact age of a certain celebrity I have taken a fancy to. That also means ladies, that if we don't get married till we are 35...we will be dating guys who are 56. Hmmmm...seems a bit old. I'm starting to think that little theory has holes in it. I have my own little theory. Don't date guys who are old enough to be your dad. Enough said.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Without a Trace - Pre-FBI Agent

I worked Without a Trace today as a pedestrian and memorial service attendee. We were filming on the Warner Brother ranch which is where they have all these house that they film in like the Pushing Daisies house and the house from Christmas Vacation and Lethal Weapon. We turned the Pushing Daisies house into a Church Basement type room. So deceiving.

There was an additional PA on set who graduated from USC in Critical Studies...just like me. Though he graduated in 2003 I think. He is writing some screenplays and doing this for money. He was pretty cool and gave me some good advice. He told me that he has never had to hand out his resume to anyone. Every job he has gotten, he has gotten because he knows somebody. He is positive that all those interviews I went on were filled by people who knew someone. I agree. He also told me about how he was working as an Office PA on Freaky Friday and was offered a small part. It got cut though...but he still got paid. Jealous. I've seen him a few times since then, but he never remembers me, which is strange because we talked the whole entire day. Not everyone has a memory like I do.

I got bored later on and while looking at my phone, noticed it had a stop watch. I decided to see how long I could hold my breath. My siblings and I used to have these contests in the car during long drives. I held my breath for a minute and five seconds. I texted my results to my cousin Drew and friend Alex. Drew held his for a 1:30 and Alex 30 seconds. Amazing, I know...after reading this I'm sure you are all going to see how long you can hold your breath and compare your results...if you aren' clearly are not as cool as us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost Whisperer and the Sleeping Extras

13 hour days in abandoned hospitals named after famous brothers of presidents. Most of us were only used for maybe 5 minutes...and some, not at all. It was a 5 am call or so, and for some reason, though it may have been the Coke I had, I was the only one awake in the entire room. Around me lye 20 or so sleeping extras. It was such a sight that I had to document the evidence. Actors...we need naps like monkeys need bananas.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sons of Anarchy and the Day the Earth Shook

I was working Sons of Anarchy up in Sun Valley about 15 miles north of where I live. I was a student at a fair of some sort that they were filming at a high school. My friend Kate was in town visiting, and if I weren't desperate for money, I would have stayed home, but c'est la vie, I was stuck in high school all day.  Fairs, for the clown phobic, are potentially dangerous and I did see a man in half make up, but before I was able to show my fear, the ground started shaking.  In fact I was in mid text to Kate telling her about said clown when the ground started shaking.  It was the most violent earthquake thus far that I had felt and would feel for some time and all of us extras were evacuated to the football field for a good 2 hours which of course disrupted filming for the day.  I tried calling Kate to make sure everything was okay but of course the phones were busy for a good hour after the quake.  When I finally got a hold of her, I was glad to find out that she was okay, and that the only damage done was a few crooked pictures and books off my bookshelf.  I survived my first big quake!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Middleman - I'm Surrounded by Idiots

For some reason I was really short tempered this day. The smallest thing would annoy me. So, the fact that random people who I'd met on My Boys decided to talk to me was not a good thing because I was less tolerant than usual. One girl decided to talk to me during lunch...apparently eating yogurt cures lactose intolerance according to her. I seriously had to use all my power to not belittle her. Nice Mary...Nice Mary...not Mean Mary. I just told her that I think she may be thinking about intestinal disease or UTIs rather than lactose intolerance...I mean..there is a reason I'm known as Doogie Howser on some sets..don't cross me and my medical knowledge. There was a random guy on set who got a flat tire driving around in circles. He asked to leave early to get his car taken care of and they got mad at him even though it was production's fault. I really don't know who to side with in cases like this because he was annoying and they needed him for the next shot, but still...he's just an extra and its not like they're going to buy him a new tire. Ever since I'm now paranoid when I drive around on studio lots...especially LA Center Studios.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monk and My Starring Role

Last Friday and today I got to work on the 100th episode of Monk. 100th episodes are great because they are treated a little more special, like celebratory cake and ice cream for dessert. I don't know how I got to be this lucky. I was one of 3 non-union extras and was playing a makeup person at an after party. On day one, I wore a red sweater and some slacks, however, on the 2nd day, the wardrobe people decided I wasn't festive enough and changed me into a black flowery blouse. I guess continuity wasn't a big concern for them, though I was pretty much in the frame directly behind Tony Shalloub the entire episode. You can see ME during the pivotal ending when Eric McCormack draws a gun in the crowded party and I cower in the background. Eric McCormack is an ass man by the way. One of the extras had quite the derrier and he kept staring at it and when he walked by as if to squeeze between her and another person, instead of going between them, he almost grabbed her ass. It was hilarious. Only I, of course, saw this gesture. How I love body language. The extras on the show were all pretty cool. I met a guy from Scotland who was in a band called Trashcan Sinatras. He married a groupie. Then there was Marco, my grey haired 37 year old surfer dude. I still hear from him occasionally and he has tried to help me find a set job. He was a sweetie. There was also a really young hot producer on the show who was doing extra work so that he could join the union. Marco convinced me to talk to him and inquire how he got to be a producer. His answer? He knew Tony Shalloub and was his assistant for a while before Tony made him a producer. Man...don't we all wish we had connections like that. So not fair! He can't be that hot AND have should be one or the other. It was a really fun set overall, and I still can't believe how well you can see me at that party the ENTIRE episode. Try to check it out if you can. It is duly titled Monk's 100th episode. (Creative I know.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cold Case - I Look Like My Grandma

I love dressing up in costumes and putting on a wig and fancy makeup. So I pretty much loved working on Cold Case. We were 1950's ladies being swooned by navy and marines on leave. They are really authentic on that show down to the underwear. Seriously. I had to wear a bra from the 1950's. It was pointy and very uncomfortable. I'm guessing elastic or spandex or whatever wasn't popular or invented yet because those things had no stretch to them. After being done up, I took a look in the mirror. The image was frightening. I looked like my Grandma Lucille when she was in her 20's. Granted, I've never seen her or a picture of her in her 20s...or really any age other than 70's, but still, I was vintage. It's actually a very becoming look for me. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade. Though after seeing my figure on film, I looked about as large as a hippopotamus. Maybe not so becoming after all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chuck and the New Crush

Last night (3.09.09) I had a dream about C.J. aka Collin Jeremy..or was it Jeffrey? I find it fitting now to talk about him and how I often consider him to be the one that got away. Why, bathrooms? Why? C.J. and I had been working together it seems for 2 weeks straight on various shows. He was always very quiet, sitting alone reading his comic books. I, a comic book fan, approached him and talked to him. We became set friends, but on this particular day, it seemed we could be more than that. This was the last time I saw him.

He was the only other person I knew on set that day (besides Zac who of course did not recognize me as usual...very unattractive in a man.....but he was made attractive again when I saw him playing with a baby). We partnered up and I started to get to know him better. I found out that he plays the drums and is from the midwest. He asked me if I could have a party in any store in the world what would it be. The answer: The Toys R' Us in Times Square. He was floored by my answer since it afterall, is the perfect answer. We talked about Twilight books and how he wants to read them because he noticed how much I liked them. We were totally flirting and if I were any other extra listening to our conversation, I would have been grossed out, but since I was involved, I was smitten. We talked about Dark Knight since it was coming out in a week and we were thinking of seeing it together. He was starring in a show at the time where he played Superman when he wasn't working. I told him I'd come and see him in it. That's when he got up to go to the bathroom. And then we were wrapped...I thought about waiting around for him, but figured that I'd see him soon enough since we'd worked together on almost every show the past 2 weeks. Not the case. And this is why my New Year's resolution is to take more chances. I should have waited. Taken a chance on love?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chuck and My Dream Man

A three day call as a shopper on Chuck - proof that there is a God. These three days may be the best three days I have ever had on set. This was my first time working on the show and my first opportunity to talk to Zac Levi who I met previously in March 2007 when Alex was in town. He got me hooked to Guitar Hero and I also visited him filming the pilot of Chuck at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel Downtown. I remember him running through the fountains and proclaiming that he loved his job. Now I got to see him in action once again and get paid for it. I didn't have the balls to approach him on the first day and regretted it. I would not wuss out on the 2nd day. I just had to do it! That first day, he was so adorable. I was busy texting my friends how adorable he was acting. He would break out into song singing "Jump on it" and "All you need is Love". He was always entertaining and I felt like the crew loved it. There was such a light happy atmosphere on set. The 2nd 2nd named Spoon who set us background players also gave me quite the amazing nickname, or should I say nicksong? Whenever he needed me he'd sing "Mary Mary why you buggin?" I loved Spoon. The next day I wrote my own rap song for him called "Spoon Spoon where is the restroom. I gotta knowz where it is cause I gotta take a whiz". I know you're all dying to know what I said to Zac when I finally approached him. My heart was beating so fast I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest. He was standing at the nerd herd desk, finally alone for once, doing the crossword puzzle. (side note: one of my criteria for my perfect man is that he does the morning crossword....heart beating faster). I went up and introduced myself and said I was a friend of Ann and Jeremy's and that I met him last St. Patrick's Day and how he got me addicted to Guitar Hero and how I visited him on the set of Chuck and how I knew Ann, etc. I repeat these facts every time I see him and he still never really remembers me. Maybe he would if my boobs were bigger. He says he remembers me though and is acting all too cool for school for the first time ever on set. I like to think he was trying to impress me with his coolness. Then somebody came up to me and he told me he'd see me later. Yay! It's a good thing I talked to him then because he was done for the day and left like 5 minutes later and was not back the next day. Luck was on my side.

The day only got better because there was this NFL player on set, Michael Strahan. Big whoop, I know, except that since he was there, all these guys from EA games were there also. And they brought an X-BOX 360 with them...and Rock Band and Madden NFL 2008. I ended up getting overtime for playing video games for the rest of the day. I was the only one playing them for some reason and befriended some of the video game peeps. They were impressed with my NFL knowledge and one of them offered me a job as a tester because I don't think there are many avid female video gamers. I didn't take it seriously though. One of the guys gave me a card and said he'd send me Madden 09 early, but only if I got a better system than a PS2. I ended up emailing him, but never heard back. Besides the EA Sports guys, I played some video games with the stand ins and also this extra named Jesse Heiman. Jesse is probably the most famous of all extras. I guarantee that you have seen him. Here is a picture of Jesse. He is like 30 years old and is one of the mos funny looking people I've ever seen. The last time I was on Chuck, Jesse was telling people that we had to move holding and one extra told him he was a wealth of information. He replied, "I know a lot about a lot of things.....except sex." Classic.
Also on set, I met C.J. for the first time. He is a part time comic book editor and we talked briefly about X-Men and how amazing Wolverine is. He wasn't there on the 3rd day however. I'm not sure why I was there on the 3rd day either. I was never used and basically got paid to play video games for 4 hours. By far the sweetest gig I have ever had and am positive that nothing can ever top this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Behavior and the Dead Snake

I worked this pilot called Good Behavior last Thursday and Friday and then on Wednesday up in Valencia. It was quite a nuisance because I was planning on going to Berkeley to visit Kate on Friday morning, but instead I got recalled for Friday and didn't wrap Friday until like 2 am. I woke up on Saturday at around 5 am to head out. Yeah...I'm crazy. We were filming a funeral in the desert and we were supposed to be kind of white trash and from the wrong sides of the track. I have no idea how I managed to be booked on this. I didn't exactly fit in. There was a really funny girl on set though who dated Buddha from I Love New York. On Thursday she went over to a cooler to get some water, and inside there was a dead snake. Apparently one of the crew guys wanted to keep it or something so they stuck it in a cooler out of the way. It got run over by one of the trucks that morning. I'm just glad it wasn't a rattle snake. We had a snake wrangler on set for that reason. Needless to say, I was terrified the whole day, watching my every step. On Wednesday we got "drunk" at a memorial in the main house. Catherine O'Hara asked me if I was having fun. I told her that I wished every party I went to had watered down fake beer. She laughed. I made Catherine O'Hara laugh. Boo yah.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Boys and the Bees

Today, I found out that I was most likely allergic to bees. I have only been stung once when I was a small child, and in case you did not know, an allergic reaction shows only after your 2nd time. I made friends with a girl from London, Courtney Fleming, who was an extra in the first 4 Harry Potter members. She was a Gryffindor and told me a lot of stories about how all the older kids would have sex on the Hogwarts Express and each House hated the extras in the other Houses. Very realistic, eh? We went outside to eat some food when a bee landed on her hand. It flew away after she freaked out a bit because she was allergic to bees. I proceeded to tell her about the time a bee flew up my pants and though it didn't sting me, my leg turned red where the bee had crawled up my leg. Sure enough, moments later her hand started turning red and swelling, just as my leg had. I then asked her if she could wear Burt's Bees chapstick, and she couldn't without her lips swelling and burning...just like me. It feels so good to know for sure that I am allergic to I am scared to death of them. She went to the Studio Nurse to get some benadryl. She went home groggy shortly after...some people can't handle their drugs.

This is my 2nd time working My Boys...and it really is a fun show. I hope it comes back next season. The actors are really sweet and talk to the extras and such. AND Ryan Howard is in it...I totally had a crush on him when I was a kid...mainly because his last name is Howard. He's still pretty cute...if I married him...I wouldn't have to change my name. I was always thinking...even as a kid.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Middleman and the Varsity Fanclub...Oh God Another Boy Band

Today I worked on the corny show The Middleman. I was to be a high schooler at a boy band concert. It was a pretty easy night of jumping up and down to somewhat inappropriate lyrics for a Disney family show. They were making crude humping dance gestures which had us all in stitches. Each member also reminded us of a Backstreet Boy or NSYNC guy...which makes since because the same people who put those bands together were responsible for this massacre. At the end...some of the extras were actually kind of all over these guys....seriously? Here is the band....Varsity Fanclub.

Start at about the 3 minute mark to see the band in action. I apologize in advance.

And here is their youtube homepage since I know you all love them SO much.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bedtime Stories and My Birthday

It was my birthday, and instead of taking the day off or celebrating by myself in my apartment, I decided to work. At least that way I'd have a chance at some cake and socialization. It actually ended up being quite the fun birthday. I was on the "B" unit which basically meant I got to watch a motorcycle fly through the air and crash into concrete all day. Also, I did get my birthday cake. The lunch line was so long that I skipped it all together and went straight for the desserts. As I took my seat, a very attractive PA noticed my dessert platter and said he liked my style. I explained to him that it was my birthday, and he gave me a nice birthday hug. Yay for hugs from hot guys! Later in the day they brought in some Haagen Dazs ice cream. It was just like our own private ice cream shop with toppings and the works. It's almost as if they knew.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dirty, Sexy, Money and ED

One of the hottest days in LA that I can remember, and I am stuck in a smoldering concrete jungle in a wool suit that I was forced to borrow from Wardrobe. Fine by me...better I stink up their stuff than mine. Though, borrowing their killer shoes was no fun, especially since I tend to get stair duty on set where one constantly goes up and down stairs take after take. Also, there was no background holding, so we were all forced to sit on the hot concrete of beautiful Downtown LA. Needless to say, I was dying...or at the very least, suffering from heat exhaustion. At one point we were given the option to stay for some overtime, I got up faster than my frail dehydrated body should have allowed and ran towards the Exit. The one highlight of the day was when I was visited by my dear Residential Advisor from freshman year, Ed. He was working at City Hall, which happened to be right where we were filming. It was so random he had to take a picture with his iphone. We got lunch a few weeks later when I was back near City Hall for some Jury Duty. I get hot flashes just thinking about it. Look at the sweat dripping from my face in the photo below. Thank you so much for documenting the water show.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

CSI and the Missing Gun Belt

I worked CSI, one of my favorite shows, today. My goal was to see William Peterson, and it looked like I was going to get my wish, except for the fact that instead of casting half of us as CSI techs, they cast all of us. Knowing my luck, I of course got cut and was sent home, but not after playing a Las Vegas Police Officer. It was for the season premiere and we were gathered in the station to discuss Warrick who was murdered. As the youngest and only non-regular, I was quite dismissible. In fact, when they ran out of name badges, they took mine. When they ran out of small gun belts, you guessed it, I relinquished mine. Because of this, they weren't planning on really using me since I was missing all my props and were afraid it would be noticeable on screen. So, of course after feeling guilty, they decided to hide me in the back of the group and use my shoulder to pan across. Perfect...whatever. So needless to say, I was surprised when the episode finally aired and I got quite the close-up. Sure, the PAs and Prop guys may try and hide me...but apparently the camera just couldn't get enough :) When we wrapped, some guy on set asked for my phone number. I didn't know his name, so I was hesitant. He thought that we should keep in contact. I told him it would be better to email me because I don't give out my number on set. He looked dejected. I haven't seen him since. (Hopefully he wasn't too dejected!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ER and John Stamos

My first booking with Joey's List. Seems like only yesterday. I was a volunteer on ER. It was a pretty boring 2 days, but it was also my first days on the Warner Bros. lot which I have often frequented since then. There was no craft service really and a whole lot of waiting, but I got to see John Stamos. Now, if you had told my 4 or 5 year old self that one day I would be on TV with John Stamos, I probably would have pissed myself and gone crazy. That day...not so much. I thought it was cool that he broke out in song randomly though, even if he was quite unprofessional at times. There was a background guy there named Joey who was Anthony Edwards stand in from way back when. He'd been on the show for 11 years as a background person. I really hope that's not me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

24 and the Youngest Agent Ever

Yesterday and today I worked on the show 24. I was a replacement for someone who had to cancel, which would explain why I, at 22 years old, would be playing an FBI agent. We had a running joke that I was a prodigy and doing undercover work at colleges to detect illegal acts. Also, no one would suspect poor little ol' me of being an agent! It was a pretty cool show to work on and they just let us do our thing. The crew was nice and the extras weren't too crazy, except for this one guy. While I was talking to him, he started cracking up laughing for no reason before saying, "I'm sorry, it's just that your eyes are so beautiful". That was crazy, but he was a nice guy. He also got a free haircut out of the gig because they cut every man's hair for the show each day to make sure it is prim and proper and very FBI like. He also played the guitar and brought it to set. I still don't see why some guys bring those things to set. Are they that desperate for feedback? He claimed that he wasn't and only brought it to set to practice and gets upset when people ask him why he brings his guitar to set. C'est la vie.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saving Grace and the Invisible Extras

I worked Saving Grace in Downtown Burbank. The PA, John, had the most gorgeous light blue eyes I have ever seen and I kind of developed a crush on him. They didn't have enough extras to fill the scene, so we each had to change our appearance with each turn around. It was kind of funny, and we were all swapping jackets and putting our hair up and down. There was some shooting going on and we were supposed to react. We all fell to the ground and I thought that it seemed rather realistic as we darted behind trash cans and such. I later watched the episode and somehow...magically....they managed to delete every extra from the scene. I did not see ONE of us. What a waste. Holly Hunter was really nice though. She asked how my day was and what not. She is sooo tiny!! and freakishly muscular. She may weigh like 80 pounds...but she could kick my ass.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Race to Witch Mountain

This past week, I got to wake up at 4 am and drive 40 minutes to and from Pomona Fairgrounds in order to play a coveted Larper. A Larper is (for you non-geeks out there) a Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) Person (ER?). I'm not going to act like I understand their world, but you know...this was pretty fun. AND I had the BEST costume out of everyone there. AnnaSophia Robb (the young lead actress in it) told me that herself. She even filmed me for some behind the scenes coverage. Oh costume, how great you were. It was a one piece spandex suit that covered fingers and toes and went up to my neck. Over that, I wore what can only be described as a high tech trashbag. Add the 4 inch heels that matched my sparkly spandex skin and a big black wig and a sparkly star-decored headdress thing that weighted down my shoulders and you have a Larper costume like none other. Please see illegal pics below to appreciate full effect. Next came the makeup, and can I say, my makeup guy loved me. Apparently he can't handle it when people look at him when he puts lipstick on, and he would crack up laughing. On the last day, our relationship became so great that he tried to steal my nose like a 5 year old. He was the best, and all the hair people were jealous of our relationship and competed, I feel, to see who would be graced with the honor of putting on or taking off my wig. I had a different person each time which was crazy since there were 6 of them and I only had to wear the costume 3 days, but my makeup guy, I was all his. I really hope I see him again.

I couldn't fit through doorways. I had to duck down because with the head dress and heels I was about 7 feet tall. Needless to say, I'm in the deep background for a lot of the sci-fi convention scenes. Oh but so easily spottable. In fact, I'm pretty sure I talked to every single one of the 400 or so extras. They all had to come up to me and touch my costume. "You look like a hershey kiss", "You look like a mushroom", "You look like a bag of trash", I got them all. For some reason they were all fascinated by me. It did wonders for my confidence. And then there was Charlie. Charlie is a retired 69 year old who used to be in the Navy before making his millions in the pant industry. He was my protector and was desperate to see me out of my costume. He kept telling me I was a 10 and if only he were 40 years younger... He was a hoot and was always up to trouble. He went up to one black girl who thought she was all that and told her she was a 7. "That", he said as he pointed to me, "that is a 10". Of course he had no idea what I really looked like. The only real me that showed were my eyes. I think the mystery behind what I looked like was the real appeal, and some guys were getting a little too obsessive about all of us female larpers that a few were sent home for sexual harassment. I should have reported a few men, but I never felt really threatened as long as Charlie was there to scare them off.

My only real threat came on the 2nd day of filming towards the end of the day. My back was killing me as usual from carrying that heavy headdress on my shoulders. As I was rolling my shoulders during a break a guy offered to massage my shoulders. Apparently he took some classes, but I'm not sure I believe him. Don't get me wrong, it felt amazing and was greatly appreciated, but he had to go and ruin it when he said "You, me, a bottle of baby lotion, and a king size bed". I received no more back rubs after that...not that he didn't try. It became my goal for the rest of the week to avoid him and all of his hoots and hollers from across the room. He had a tattoo on his bicep. I have a theory about guys with tattoos...they're always up to no good.

My costume, though amazing, did prove to be quite the hassle. There was the back pain and sore bleeding feet (which I nursed back to health thanks to my new uggs I received a month before my birthday) and the fact that I couldn't go to the bathroom without taking off my trashbag and unzipping myself out of my costume. Now, the average person goes to the bathroom like 3 times a day, but a female during a certain week of a month goes to the bathroom a little more. It was always quite the event and took me about 10 minutes to get in and out and do my thing. It was pretty much the biggest pain in the ass imaginable.

I made a few friends on set which and we'd hang out and eat lunch together during breaks and what not. There was Ashley who was from Florida and was a pink Larper and Amy who was only there 2 days because she went to Disneyland to audition to be Snow White. She didn't get the part unfortunately but did make it past 3 cuts which is impressive. Arthur and Jonah balanced us out and we became quite the cool little bunch and made promises to hang out later which of course never materialized. On Friday, only Ashley and I returned from our group. They cut the call by a few hundred people, and neither of us had to wear our costumes which was bittersweet. Ashley got to return on a SAG voucher...I did not. Lady Luck has never been with me. At the end of the night I went up to the 2nd 2nd Assistant and asked him why Ashley got to return on a SAG voucher and I did not. Apparently there were only like 3 given out and they gave them to non-union people with crazy costumes like myself. He leaned back in his chair and put his arms behind his neck and smiled, "Mary-Ellen. She decides, and I had nothing to do with it". He wasn't trying to be mean and I found him empathetic because Mary-Ellen is crazy and he had to deal with her more than I did. She is the casting person from central who casts and handles background for most motion pictures. I smiled at him and nodded and walked away to head home, holding in my tears till I reached the cool refreshing night air.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Austin Golden Hour - The Worst Show Ever

Yesterday and today I worked on what could possibly be the worst show ever created. Even the crew hated it and had no respect for it. In order to keep the crew happy, however, they overcompensated with amazing food. Tito's Tacos, sushi bar, sundaes, and basically anything you could possibly desire. I also made a friend on set, Ashley. We are very similar in the fact that she went to NYU theatre school and I went to USC theatre and film school, and we both have similar man trouble. I was also intrigued by the fact that she was a complete open book. She told everyone on set that she was a virgin. That took guts. This was my first AFTRA show and was paid a lot to be there cause they booked me as Union instead of Non-Union. The money made it worth it I suppose. The days were very long and we were filming at the RFK hospital which is now abandoned. I wasn't even used that much and we wore ugly brown scrubs. One of the crew guys thought I was from Ireland. That provided the sole laugh of the 2 day call since I have no Irish accent. Clearly, we were all very sick and tired of being there and some may have been having delusions of Irish accents in order to spice up the hours of horrific acting. The plot is this: Very young doctors who are about my age are running a hospital and it is very soap opera-ish and it is supposed to be a cross between ER and the OC. I know how you feel, I threw up a little bit too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

United States of Tara and the Overland Park Shout-Outs!

This is the shoot where I met my friend Will Gatlin. I was immediately drawn to him because he kept smiling at me. He is just one of the happiest guys ever and his smiles are contagious. We were high school students together in Overland Park, KS...which is where I grew up. It was so amazing because they had a yellow school bus that said Johnson County Schools. I wish I had taken a picture. Even though I am a few years out of high school, clearly I was perfectly cast since I of all people know how OP kids act and dress. While in holding I got involved in some Texas Hold Em games with some cocky boys. I ended up winning of course....both times. I may look like an innocent little girl, but I know my shit. I should become a hustler.

We were apparently students at Butterworth Senior High School. I still have my program from the ballet show. It was a very detailed program. The cast and crew listed in the program were made up of characters from other high school shows like Jeff Rosso, the psychiatrist from "Freaks and Geeks" and Mike Seaver from "Growing Pains" and Kelly Kapowski from "Saved by the Bell". It became a game to try and figure out the references. Fun little souvenir to have from the day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CSI: NY and the Galen Center

This shoot has tainted my Graduation forever. Over a 15 hour period, my ass probably touched every seat in the Galen Center. There were like 500 of us there, and I pray I am never part of a call that large ever again. Also, seat filling like that is exhausting and a handful of people escaped and just sat in holding the whole time. Lazy asses. (So bitter still ).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Carol

Oh American Carol, you were so long, cold and hot. Your calls were before the sun came up, therefore I was freezing, and you lasted till the sun came down, and again I was freezing....but in between, how the sun burnt my pale white skin. I was a hippie for 2 days protesting the Fourth of July. Little did I know that I was apart of Republican propoganda. David Zucker!! What the hell is wrong with you?! I later saw David Zucker at the airport when I was coming home from Vegas two weeks later. Very trippy. It was really cool seeing the Naked Gun director himself in action. He reminded me a lot of my dear friend Jonathan's style of directing (which is totally amazing since Jonathan loves him). There was one rough patch though where he had to fire Rich Little who was supposed to be impersonating Ted Kennedy and got this other guy...which I'm sure he regretted because this guy was awful and Zucker was giving him line readings for 2 hours and the guy still didn't get it. The crew was about to mutiny.

I also met Patti Moore on set. We became fast friends over our love of Hugh Laurie and because she grew up near Yardley, PA where my parents currently live. Such a small world. She also lost a brother in a car accident so we bonded over that as well. I've seen her a lot since on random sets, but as of last August 08, she moved back to PA.

Friday, March 28, 2008

House - The Obsession Begins!

This might be the single most important day of my extra career because this day changed me.

I was working on House again, which meant nothing to me because I didn't watch the show. I was playing a PA. Perfect casting! We started the scene, and I made my cross over to where the trash can was before we cut. I stayed over there till the chaos halted and that is when Hugh Laurie came toward me. I had thought that he was pretty attractive for a 49 year old, but the hot factor went down quite a bit when I saw him light a cigarette outside. My friend Kate texted me that I should tell him to stop being a stereotype. I guess this might have been my chance. My eyes were most likely bugging out of their sockets as I awaited his next move. That is when he threw away a gum or candy wrapper, but instead of getting a nice 2 pointer, it bounced off the backboard...ME. "Sorry sorry," he quickly muttered, but he looked genuinely apologetic as he bent down to pick his trash off the floor. But I really didn't care. He spoke to me.

I made friends with the 2nd 2nd Assistant Michelle...well not really friends, but she was only a few years older and we talked film school and bonded a bit. This was important I suppose because she let me shadow her awhile and didn't seem annoyed by my close proximity. So, instead of going back to holding for a break, I stood by her side, and that is when I heard it. It was the most beautiful sound in the world. Somebody was playing the piano...and extremely well. The "Flight of the Bumblebee" is no simple task, and it was being played perfectly. "Who is playing?" I asked Michelle. "Oh, that is Hugh. He sometimes plays during breaks." My heart melted. Hugh Laurie can play the piano. When he came back in view I started looking at him differently. Suddenly, he was drop dead gorgeous, the hottest and sexiest man ever. So much more attractive in person, and that is not just the piano talking. He's tall and has great style and a sleek 5 o'clock shadow. Okay, now I realize that the style and whiskers is part of his character Dr. House, and not Hugh Laurie, but at the moment they were one and the same. I was in love.

This was the first episode of TV that I actually saw myself in as well, and after watching the episode, I fell in love with the show. If you care to find me...I'm in a maroon shirt crossing right to left in a wide shot in the episode "The Living Dream" when House visits the Soap Opera set.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Samantha Who and the Sugar Daddy

Samantha Who won't allow any blondes be background. I guess they don't want any confusion with its star. I adopted a friend on set, which is what you do on set. You don't really make lifelong friends, you make friends for the day. She was a photographer that was doing this part-time. She also lived in a nice loft downtown. You may be asking yourself, "wow, she must be successful?" she is not. She has a sugar daddy. A married man from Texas or somewhere who comes to LA every once in awhile and helps her pay her rent. Apparently there is a website where you, yes you reading this, can find a sugar daddy of your very own. I considered it for maybe a second before realizing that I could never live with myself if I were to stoop so low. Ask me again in a few years.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Deal or No Deal

November 9th, 2007 was my first audience experience with Deal or No Deal. January 17th, 2008 was my second and March 18th, 2008 was my final encounter with Mr. Howie Mandel. My first experience was uneventful, except I learned a mighty good lesson: eat before coming. You're lucky to be given candy at those things to keep you from falling asleep. Also, pretty girls in sexy dresses get paid more. Don't ask. My 2nd experience was amazing because the American Gladiators were there. OMG!! Titan had huge thighs and Helga was a beast, but most importantly, Wolf was there. I liked to think that he was checking me out the whole time...but really, he was sitting across from me. I was a little star-struck. It was like meeting Superman. I was so exicted I texted my friend Kate immediately when I finished. She replied, "I'm escorting Alan Alda". And so are the days of our lives. My final day was the best because the episode was Star Wars themed. Now, I haven't seen all the Star Wars films, but this was pretty cool. Storm Troopers instead of models, Darth Vader instead of the banker, and special guest Carrie Fisher. The funniest part is that Carrie Fisher was doing a Play in Berkeley that Kate was assisting with and had no clue that Carrie Fisher was in LA doing Deal or No Deal. That means that Kate and I both saw Carrie Fisher the same day in two different cities. What other two friends on earth could possibly claim that? Oh Deal or No was fun while it lasted, but you don't feed me and my ass is tired from sitting.

Monday, March 10, 2008

CSI: NY....Yummmmm

It had been quite a few months since my last extra gig. The money had run out and the interviews hadn't been going so well. So now I get to play a CSI tech and a cop. I was running a little bit late to set and though it had not been five minutes, I received a phone call from Central wondering where I was. I was afraid for what was to come. I made a friend on set who used to be a chemist and now he was an extra. That's quite the 180 if you ask me. We got a hold of some sides and acted out the scene together. It involved the CSI that Eddie Cahill plays interrogating some woman who stole her child from some unsuspecting parents way back or something like that. But before that scene played out, I got to go into the morgue for an intense quiet scene as two actors were looking at a burnt corpse deciding its gender. The director asked for one more take cause the actors had been on a role. I was crossing foreground in front of them..very quietly and headed over to put my folder on a metal table just as the actors finished their dialogue when BAM! I knocked into a metal cart which crashed into the glass wall. The Director yelled out CUT!... There goes the moment. All was fine though, and I actually made the director and the whole crew laugh. My face was turning bright red. Apparently I didn't kill the moment because we didn't have to do the take again, but also I opened myself up to ridicule and teasing from everyone on set.

Being teased and getting attention must be an attractive quality to have because as the scene ended, a fellow extra who used to be the naked dead body I was tagging decided to find out a little more about me. Note to all men reading this: When trying to guess a girl's age, never go up once you guess wrong. And boy..did he guess fact he gave up before he even got to my age. "28? 29? 30? 27? 26? 25? 24? 23? Ok I give up..15?" In case you are all wondering, I was 22 at the time but apparently could pass for 30!! I felt so old at that moment and wanted to curl up in a ball and die. But not right away because I later found out the key to doing extra work...good food. There was grilled chicken and steak and crab legs and sushi, and the food was all brilliant. 5 star restaurant quality. How had I not known this before? People do extra work for the food. One of the PAs told me he gained 30 lbs while on set and then works it off when they are on hiatus. Too many cookies and cakes. I'd believe it. I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten so well. Who has chicken AND steak for lunch? Me....that's who.

After lunch I got to be a cop. The uniform was...well...interesting. When the costume lady asked my waist size, I replied with 28, which it is. So she gave me size 28 pants. Ten minutes later I come back down asking for a different size. I couldn't even get the pants on up to my knees. She gives me a 30 and a 32. Nope and Nope. I finally go back and grab the 34s. Snug, but I was too embarrassed to go back down for a bigger size. My escapade was witnessed by a stand-in doing yoga in the dressing room. "You better get a bigger size. You'll want to be comfortable." I didn't listen, but I don't think it mattered. Gun belts were not meant to be worn by women. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. My back was killing me. I couldn't stand, I couldn't sit, I was pretty much resenting every single women's movement which called for equal jobs for both men and women. But seriously, if there was a burglar in your house...would you want a male cop or a female cop to show up and kill the bastard?......that's what I thought. What made matters worse is that the guest actress reading the part of the childnapper was dreadful. The whole crew was cringing and about to lose it. We were doing take after take of this woman's deadpan delivery. Move over Buster Keaton! Though obviously she could never pass it off as comedy...none of us were laughing at her, grinding our teeth, yes, laughing, no. My chemist friend came up to me later and told me that I was so much better in our little cold read. I was flattered, but wondered who couldn't have done better? Oh, there seemed hope for me yet. If she was getting work, I could too. And after a meal like the one I had on set, I was anxiously waiting for my next stint as an extra.