Friday, May 30, 2008

My Boys and the Bees

Today, I found out that I was most likely allergic to bees. I have only been stung once when I was a small child, and in case you did not know, an allergic reaction shows only after your 2nd time. I made friends with a girl from London, Courtney Fleming, who was an extra in the first 4 Harry Potter members. She was a Gryffindor and told me a lot of stories about how all the older kids would have sex on the Hogwarts Express and each House hated the extras in the other Houses. Very realistic, eh? We went outside to eat some food when a bee landed on her hand. It flew away after she freaked out a bit because she was allergic to bees. I proceeded to tell her about the time a bee flew up my pants and though it didn't sting me, my leg turned red where the bee had crawled up my leg. Sure enough, moments later her hand started turning red and swelling, just as my leg had. I then asked her if she could wear Burt's Bees chapstick, and she couldn't without her lips swelling and burning...just like me. It feels so good to know for sure that I am allergic to I am scared to death of them. She went to the Studio Nurse to get some benadryl. She went home groggy shortly after...some people can't handle their drugs.

This is my 2nd time working My Boys...and it really is a fun show. I hope it comes back next season. The actors are really sweet and talk to the extras and such. AND Ryan Howard is in it...I totally had a crush on him when I was a kid...mainly because his last name is Howard. He's still pretty cute...if I married him...I wouldn't have to change my name. I was always thinking...even as a kid.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Middleman and the Varsity Fanclub...Oh God Another Boy Band

Today I worked on the corny show The Middleman. I was to be a high schooler at a boy band concert. It was a pretty easy night of jumping up and down to somewhat inappropriate lyrics for a Disney family show. They were making crude humping dance gestures which had us all in stitches. Each member also reminded us of a Backstreet Boy or NSYNC guy...which makes since because the same people who put those bands together were responsible for this massacre. At the end...some of the extras were actually kind of all over these guys....seriously? Here is the band....Varsity Fanclub.

Start at about the 3 minute mark to see the band in action. I apologize in advance.

And here is their youtube homepage since I know you all love them SO much.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bedtime Stories and My Birthday

It was my birthday, and instead of taking the day off or celebrating by myself in my apartment, I decided to work. At least that way I'd have a chance at some cake and socialization. It actually ended up being quite the fun birthday. I was on the "B" unit which basically meant I got to watch a motorcycle fly through the air and crash into concrete all day. Also, I did get my birthday cake. The lunch line was so long that I skipped it all together and went straight for the desserts. As I took my seat, a very attractive PA noticed my dessert platter and said he liked my style. I explained to him that it was my birthday, and he gave me a nice birthday hug. Yay for hugs from hot guys! Later in the day they brought in some Haagen Dazs ice cream. It was just like our own private ice cream shop with toppings and the works. It's almost as if they knew.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dirty, Sexy, Money and ED

One of the hottest days in LA that I can remember, and I am stuck in a smoldering concrete jungle in a wool suit that I was forced to borrow from Wardrobe. Fine by me...better I stink up their stuff than mine. Though, borrowing their killer shoes was no fun, especially since I tend to get stair duty on set where one constantly goes up and down stairs take after take. Also, there was no background holding, so we were all forced to sit on the hot concrete of beautiful Downtown LA. Needless to say, I was dying...or at the very least, suffering from heat exhaustion. At one point we were given the option to stay for some overtime, I got up faster than my frail dehydrated body should have allowed and ran towards the Exit. The one highlight of the day was when I was visited by my dear Residential Advisor from freshman year, Ed. He was working at City Hall, which happened to be right where we were filming. It was so random he had to take a picture with his iphone. We got lunch a few weeks later when I was back near City Hall for some Jury Duty. I get hot flashes just thinking about it. Look at the sweat dripping from my face in the photo below. Thank you so much for documenting the water show.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

CSI and the Missing Gun Belt

I worked CSI, one of my favorite shows, today. My goal was to see William Peterson, and it looked like I was going to get my wish, except for the fact that instead of casting half of us as CSI techs, they cast all of us. Knowing my luck, I of course got cut and was sent home, but not after playing a Las Vegas Police Officer. It was for the season premiere and we were gathered in the station to discuss Warrick who was murdered. As the youngest and only non-regular, I was quite dismissible. In fact, when they ran out of name badges, they took mine. When they ran out of small gun belts, you guessed it, I relinquished mine. Because of this, they weren't planning on really using me since I was missing all my props and were afraid it would be noticeable on screen. So, of course after feeling guilty, they decided to hide me in the back of the group and use my shoulder to pan across. Perfect...whatever. So needless to say, I was surprised when the episode finally aired and I got quite the close-up. Sure, the PAs and Prop guys may try and hide me...but apparently the camera just couldn't get enough :) When we wrapped, some guy on set asked for my phone number. I didn't know his name, so I was hesitant. He thought that we should keep in contact. I told him it would be better to email me because I don't give out my number on set. He looked dejected. I haven't seen him since. (Hopefully he wasn't too dejected!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ER and John Stamos

My first booking with Joey's List. Seems like only yesterday. I was a volunteer on ER. It was a pretty boring 2 days, but it was also my first days on the Warner Bros. lot which I have often frequented since then. There was no craft service really and a whole lot of waiting, but I got to see John Stamos. Now, if you had told my 4 or 5 year old self that one day I would be on TV with John Stamos, I probably would have pissed myself and gone crazy. That day...not so much. I thought it was cool that he broke out in song randomly though, even if he was quite unprofessional at times. There was a background guy there named Joey who was Anthony Edwards stand in from way back when. He'd been on the show for 11 years as a background person. I really hope that's not me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

24 and the Youngest Agent Ever

Yesterday and today I worked on the show 24. I was a replacement for someone who had to cancel, which would explain why I, at 22 years old, would be playing an FBI agent. We had a running joke that I was a prodigy and doing undercover work at colleges to detect illegal acts. Also, no one would suspect poor little ol' me of being an agent! It was a pretty cool show to work on and they just let us do our thing. The crew was nice and the extras weren't too crazy, except for this one guy. While I was talking to him, he started cracking up laughing for no reason before saying, "I'm sorry, it's just that your eyes are so beautiful". That was crazy, but he was a nice guy. He also got a free haircut out of the gig because they cut every man's hair for the show each day to make sure it is prim and proper and very FBI like. He also played the guitar and brought it to set. I still don't see why some guys bring those things to set. Are they that desperate for feedback? He claimed that he wasn't and only brought it to set to practice and gets upset when people ask him why he brings his guitar to set. C'est la vie.