Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heroes...Oh to be 18 again

I love the TV show Heroes, and was very excited about working on it. I also got to play a high school student which had the potential to give me quite a blast from the past. I wore a t-shirt that I bought at American Eagle my senior year and some khakis. I looked...well...let's just say I fit the part. I could have recreated photos from my youth. It was a short easy 4 hour day that required about 200 of us walking quickly out of a high school as if class was over. Easy enough. Hayden Panettiere ran through the crowd against the current. We did the take a few times, at the end she cursed "fuck" right at me. I felt that we connected. We were one. We could have been mind readers. They had pizza for a snack. There was a girl from some European country I can't remember eating pizza before a take. She took a bite, but then we started rolling, so she put her slice back in the box. The Craft Service guy saw it and threw a hissy fit telling her how disgusting she was. He then proceeded to throw the whole pizza box including 3/4ths a pizza away in the trash. It was hilarious.

If you are scratching your head wondering what this scene was and what episode it was in, do not never got past the cutting room floor.