Monday, March 23, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Naked Zac Levi

6:30 AM call time in Long Beach. Joy. I just LOVE waking up at 5. (eyes roll). Then when I arrive to set, they are out of eggs. This day was not going well so far (though later I heard that the eggs were almost inedible). Luckily I had friends on set. Becky was her usual self and then she befriended a guy named Brian who liked magic, but refused to tell me his secrets...especially to a certain poker chip trick which has been nagging me. Then there was Paul who went to USC and is a friend of Ashley's I met at a Superbowl party. It's amazing how well you can get to know someone in 16 hours. I feel like we've been friends forever and we created a geek scale to measure geekiness.....somehow I won even though HE watches Battlestar Galactica and loves Sci-fi. I'm not sure how that happened but I do blame most of it on the Chemistry Holiday called Mole Day (Which is on October 23rd for you non-geeks out there because a mole is 6.02 x 10 ^23).

The day turned instantly amazing when I realized that Zac Levi was the star of the movie. Since I totally have a crush on him and all. I even got to see him in his underwear for a dream sequence. I was smiling ear to ear. That boy has some thighs if I do say so myself. He was in tighty whities. Yay! (though I prefer boxers). Oh how I wish he weren't a man whore. It was fun seeing him act all awkward and he would try to be funny in between takes.

Then we had a choreographer teach us some dance moves and about 300 of us had to dance to the Chipmunks singing "Shake Your Groove Thing". My arms got tired of waving back and forth but priceless is it to have 300 people dancing to the Chipmunks. The main song we had to hear over and over was this song called "Family" and we had to shout in synchonization F-A-M-i.l.y. I wrote it that way because we would scream F then A then M and then the i, l, and y were run together very quickly and many of us didn't get the letters correctly because of this. In fact, Becky kept saying l-e-y. It's also very difficult to chant the word chipmunk over and over again. I started realizing after awhile that I was saying shitmunk. It's much easier to say. Crazy times. Family was their song entry into the all high school talent show. Apparently Charice Pempengco, the famous girl from the Philippines who has been featured on Oprah many times, is from a local high school......also from a local high school...the break dance crew Quest which has Hawk and Dominick from "So You Think You Can Dance" in it. That was pretty amazing. They were doing flips and tricks left and right. It was phenomenal. When I wasn't jumping up and down shouting F-A-M-I-L-Y, I was sitting in the bleachers at the top where they had these crazy dummies. They all had man faces except some had makeup to make them look like women. It was amazing. Here is a pic of me and the best dummy there.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Criminal Minds and the Stairmaster

There are a lot of similarities between being really tired and really drunk. For instance - poor motor skills, slurred speech, and loopy vision caused by exceedingly longer blinks. However, it is known that people usually get more attractive if you are drunk, but when you're tired...the world is ugly and you just want to get home. We wrapped at about 2:30 am, which would normally be my bedtime one would say, except in my lovely apartment, I am not walking up and down stairs in a poorly ventilated subway station in North Hollywood. I may have been walking up and down stairs for a good 5 hours and I was exhausted. Every little thing that people would say that was stupid or any complaint would be like nails on a chalkboard. There was one guy who was not an extra but a North Hollywood resident, and he had a mohawk....except you could also tell that he was getting a bald spot on the back of his head cause his mohawk was very uneven and thinning back there. It was funny...but revolting at the same time. Ugh. The next few days, my boogers were black from the subway pollution.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Without a Trace and the Three Coats

Yesterday and today I worked on Without a Trace as an FBI agent. It has been quite the little gap in time since my last stint in blue. Early this morning I was a NY pedestrian and my god was it freezing outside. I was wearing a blouse, a sweatshirt, an overcoat, and a wool heavy coat and was still cold. It might have been about 45 degrees. Yes....I am a wimp. The day only got worse when I was being harassed on the phone by my landlord who said my rent was late...when it really wasn't. My stress though was finally relieved when I heard some of the regular agents bad-talking another extra named Helen. She is the most antagonizing creature alive. She picks fights it seems with everyone. And I never realized before that nobody really liked her. I always thought she hated me (especially after I told her maybe something was wrong with her hypothalamus because she is cold all the time). Yesterday she practically screamed at me cause the lamp was on next to her and it was too bright against her computer screen. Even though I was reading and found the light helpful, I did not turn it on, yet I received her wrath. She is very selfish. Anywhoo, the extras were commenting about how she got in a tiff with a new guy on set and Helen was making a big deal about how rude he was when in reality, she is extremely rude and very off-putting. It was such a relief that no one really got along with her and it wasn't just me. I finally felt like I bonded with everyone on set.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prison Break and the Prison

Today I was to be playing a visitor on Prison Break at an abandoned Correctional Facility in Whittier. I think this was some interesting casting since I feel like I look too wholesome to play the wife or sister of a convict. I just have never seen myself as the type to be paired with a tattooed ruffian. Sure enough, I was never used today. It was raining today and I made the mistake of wearing these red tennis shoes that absorb water so that I had cold feet all day, but at least I didn't have to wait outside in the rain. I'm also pretty sure that some of these background guys playing convicts were really convicts. They were talking about how they had lawyers and when one of us visitors was taken away, there were little snide remarks about how they were taking away their conjugal visit. Another couple were planning a big counterfeit scheme. I kind of stayed away from them and tuned into my Ipod instead.

Also, the Magician who asked me out last week at the Magic Castle called. I felt like he was slightly judgmental of what I was doing even though he did background for a while as well. Unfortunately I don't think the call went very well cause when I texted him later to see if we were going out he said he was seeing someone else....Magicians work fast. The concept was entertaining though...who on earth dates a magician? They are tricky tricksters.